About the CCE

Civic engagement is central to the public purpose of higher education and essential to the student experience, empowering students to become aware of and active in their community and society.  The WSU Center for Civic Engagement exists to forge community-campus partnerships that build community capacity, generate knowledge, and solve problems through service, leadership, and scholarship.

Services provided to students by the CCE are funded in part by Service & Activities Fees.


The CCE facilitates student and faculty engagement with communities to promote shared knowledge, research, and service to society.


The CCE advances the land-grant mission of the university, fostering meaningful connections and engagement between campus and communities to effect positive change in society.


  1. Community: Connectedness; sense of belonging
  2. Awareness: Self-knowledge; informed democratic engagement
  3. Respect: Reciprocity; perspective-taking; responsibility
  4. Equity: Inclusion; social justice
  5. Sustainability: Change; healthy people; healthy planet

Our values spell CARES!

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Garden to Farm group photo 2016

Garden to Farm group photo 2016


In 1993, the Center for Civic Engagement opened its doors as the Community Service Learning Center. Established by a task force of faculty, students, and community representatives and led by Dr. Bob Howell and Dr. Don Bushaw, the Community Service Learning Center had an important role as a centralized university office responsible for student civic engagement and service-learning.

On June 1, 2007, the Community Service Learning Center became the Center for Civic Engagement, a reflection of the Center's expanding scope.

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